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Polat Medical Textile (Beyaznevresim.com)

Polat Medical Textile, which provides services for the needs of the health and hotel sector and constantly renews itself in order to provide better service; was founded in 2005 with the visionary spirit of entrepreneur, innovation and responsibility.
Hospital Medical Textile sector has begun its activities in a short time by adding Hotel Textile and Clothing in Medicine has become a group of companies.Polat Medical Textile has progressed rapidly in the hospital textile sector in the country in recent years.

This rapid growth in a short period of time has become stable and has taken its place among the respected and reliable institutions of Polat Medical Textile sector. It is advancing confidently towards its high targets with its technological opportunities used in all kinds of activities, from timely and cost-effective purchasing targets and proposal preparation to material procurement.

We aim to keep our quality culture at the highest level based on continuity in service and to achieve great successes.
Hizmette sürekliliği esas alarak sahip olduğumuz kalite kültürünü en üst seviyede tutarak ve büyük başarılara imza atarak gururla ilerlediğimiz yolda amacımız profesyonel kadromuz, deneyimlerimiz ile ülkemizin gelişmesine katkıda bulunmaktır.
Honest, trustworthy, feel the same responsibility with the customer; do business with an understanding that is consistent, accurate, stable and keeps customer satisfaction at maximum level.
To communicate with a reliable, entrepreneurial, fast feedback, continuous supportive, solution-oriented approach.
Delivering the works with a consistent approach that keeps the progress active, can take immediate action, use initiative, has achieved the reputation of the company and customer satisfaction.
Our company; We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with our valued customers for more than 10 years. Since the day it was founded, our company has expert staff in the field of textile and health products;

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