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Hotel Curtain Models 2019

by Beyaz Nevresim
Hotel Curtain Models

The hotel is an important part of the hotel rooms and the hotel curtains are an important hotel textile product showing the room spacious. There are a few things to consider when choosing curtains. If the thickness of the curtain refers to a quality indicator, the color curtain stops in an area where the sun can be seen continuously.
Therefore it would be the best choice to see the curtain fabric. Curtain type is the most widely used curtain in the hotel curtains.

What is Rustic Curtain?

Rustik Perde Modelleri

Rustic curtain is a kind of curtain briefly passed through the ring. The ring used on the rustic screen can be made of metal or wood. In addition, the rustic curtain can be applied to the classical cornice in the cornice, but it will not be correct as the rustic curtain rings are already easy. It can be used as a combination of tulle and fabric by attaching rustic pipe.

How to Install a Rustic Curtain?

Rustic rod insertion, video of the rustic curtain on the web page shared with the coach.


Curtain Models for Hotel Room

It is very important to use quality fabrics as the hotel curtains are constantly washed. First of all, it is best to choose a hotel curtain color for your hotel concept or room concept when buying hotel curtains. You can ask for a curtain chart from your screen.

Here are a few suggestions for Hotel Curtains:

 otel perdeleri

otel perde modelleri

otel odası perde modlleri

otel perdeleri

When choosing curtain models, blackout blinds that will not reflect the interior will look good in roller blinds. Some of your customers may want a quiet environment in the sun-curtains are the most preferred curtains. Although the purpose of the hotel curtains in the room to prevent the light from the outside of the curtain you use, except for the blackout, sun shading feature is important. The curtains of the hotel curtains consist of curtains with thick curtains that are generally thick outside the standard thickness.

Fireproof Curtain For Hotels

Thousands of people come in and go out to the hotel every month. The use of a fireproof product or a flammable product is very important to avoid the rapid spread of fire to your hotel against dangers such as fire.

yanmaz perdeler

Even if your aim is to make concessions from the beauty, it will be the right choice if the safety is not fireproof curtain. The fireproof curtains are intended to prevent the curtain from appearing badly when the desired flammable material, such as cigarette ash, is damaged.



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