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Hotel Towels

9.20 TL 11.96 TL (Including tax) You save: 2.76 TL
White Towel 30x30 cm 40 gr Product Details: Towel: 30x30 cm 30x30 The White Shaving Towel is the indispensable towels of the hotels. Used after...
11.10 TL 14.43 TL (Including tax) You save: 3.33 TL
White Towel 30x50 cm 60 gr - Turkish Towel Product Details: Towel: 30x50 cm 30x50 towels are a frequent use of hairdressers. 100%...
13.80 TL 17.94 TL (Including tax) You save: 4.14 TL
White Towel 30x50 cm 90 gr Product Details: The openend touches the thread.
20.20 TL 26.26 TL (Including tax) You save: 6.06 TL
Hand & Face Towel 50x90 cm 200 gr Product Details: Towel: 50x90 cm - 200 gr 100% cotton towel It is produced in high quality in...
25.30 TL 32.89 TL (Including tax) You save: 7.59 TL
Hotel Towel 50x90 cm 250 gr Product Details: Towels: 50x90 cm - 250 gr 100% cotton towel Hand & Face towel is manufactured in high...
30.30 TL 39.39 TL (Including tax) You save: 9.09 TL
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Hand-Face Towel 50x90 cm 300 gr Product Details: Towels: 50x90 cm - 300 gr 100% cotton towel Hand & Face Towel is manufactured in high quality in...
22.10 TL 28.73 TL (Including tax) You save: 6.63 TL
Hotel Foot Towel 50x70 cm 200 gr Product Details: Towel: 50x70 cm - 200 gr 100% Cotton Ring Weaved from Thread 100% hydrophilic feature...
27.60 TL 35.88 TL (Including tax) You save: 8.28 TL
Hotel Foot Towel 50x70 cm 250 gr Product Details: Towel: 50x70 cm - 250 gr 20/2 This ring towel made of ring yarn is placed in front of...
33.10 TL 43.03 TL (Including tax) You save: 9.93 TL
Hotel Foot Handle 50x70 cm 300 gr Product Details: Towels: 50x70 cm - 300 gr Woven from 100% Cotton Ring yarn. 100% Hydrophil property. If the...
40.40 TL 52.52 TL (Including tax) You save: 12.12 TL
White Bath Towel 70x140cm. 400 Grams (Hotel Bath Towel) Product Details: White Bath Towel: 70x140 cm - 400 gr 100% cotton towel...
50.50 TL 65.65 TL (Including tax) You save: 15.15 TL
Beyaz Banyo Havlusu 70x140cm. 500 Gram ( Otel Banyo Havlusu ) Ürün Detayları: 1 Adet Beyaz Banyo Havlusu: 70x140cm. - 500...
42.30 TL (Including tax)
Beyaz Banyo Havlusu 70x140cm. 600 Gram ( Otel Banyo Havlusu ) Ürün Detayları: 1 Adet Beyaz Banyo Havlusu: 70x140cm - 600 Gram...
60.60 TL 78.78 TL (Including tax) You save: 18.18 TL
Beyaz Banyo Havlusu 90x150cm. 600 Gram (Otel Banyo Havlusu) Ürün Detayları: Beyaz Banyo Havlusu: 90x150cm. - 600 Gram %100...
65.70 TL 85.41 TL (Including tax) You save: 19.71 TL
Beyaz Banyo Havlusu 90x150cm. 650 Gram ( Otel Banyo Havlusu ) Ürün Detayları: 1 Adet Beyaz Banyo Havlusu: 90x150cm. - 650...
101.80 TL 132.34 TL (Including tax) You save: 30.54 TL
Otel Bukle Şalyaka Bornoz 1100 gr XL Ürün Detayları: Renk: Beyaz Ä°plik türü : % 100 pamuk. Hav ipliği Ne 16/1 ring,...
117.50 TL 152.75 TL (Including tax) You save: 35.25 TL
Otel Bukle Şalyaka Bornoz 1400 gr XXL Ürün Detayları: Renk: Beyaz Ä°plik türü : % 100 pamuk. Hav ipliği Ne 16/1 ring,...

Our hotel towels and bathrobes are produced in different prices and quality with their sizes, sizes and weights. Towels and bathrobes are colorful and patterned, as well as soft texture and quality. Our products are wash resistant and long lasting. If the quantity you receive is high, you can request a wholesale towel price.

Wholesale Duvet Cover Set Hotel Textile + 90 530 215 40 80


Our hotel towels, which are one of our hotel textile products, are produced resistant to frequent washing. Our towels, which are made of pure cotton, maintain the quality of the first day for many years. Towel dimensions are 30x30 cm, 30x50 cm, 50x70 cm, 50x90 cm, 70x140 cm, 90x150 cm respectively. The most commonly used hotel towels are 50x90 cm hand and face towels. Our foot towels are jacquard foot pattern and are between 200 - 250 - 300 grams. We strive to offer the best in hotel towels at our wholesale prices. We produce our quality hotel towels quickly after ordering. Upon request, we make our hotel logo on our hotel towels. Or we can produce your hotel towels in different colors upon request. You can review our towels in our hotel towel and bathrobe category, you can request wholesale price about the hotel towel you want.


One of the biggest items of hotel textiles is undoubtedly the hotel bed linen and wholesale hotel towels. Our hotel towels are stocked with standard towels and your special production towel orders can be produced within an average period of 4 weeks. Stocks of our hotel towels are in our Istanbul address. Our towel group, which is one of our hotel textile products, consists of pure cotton. You can contact us to get wholesale hotel towel price in your project works. We can handle your non-standard towel size needs as special production. All our towels are 100% local. Our products are offered with our own brands. We are at your service with our high quality and affordable wholesale hotel towels with our experienced staff and expert team.


The standard of your service is often determined by the quality of the products you use. This is why every detail you use to create the service is very important. Making quality and economic choices in wholesale towel price purchases among hotel operators will increase the quality of the service offered. Towels are available in different sizes and yarn qualities. Choices can be made to suit the usage areas. Apart from the prices on our website, we can send the prices of wholesale towels to our customers as a result of our negotiation.


In the two products, there is little distinction as to the thickness of the softness. Bath towels in the size of 90 * 150 centimeters in the larger models are included in the category of towels. Although the use of yarn varies, wholesale towel prices generally weigh 600 grams. It is produced with 20/2 yarn in the mats that can be used as foot towels and provides quality uses as 100% cotton. Wholesale towel prices in this area will vary according to towel type, yarn quality and weight.


There are 50 * 90 centimeters of hand and face towels. The varieties are 100% cotton and they are possible to produce in desired sizes and weights. Hand and face towels, which can be found as 16/1 Ring yarn and 20/2 Ring yarn, are offered in different structures. Depending on the changing yarn properties, weights of 200 or 225 grams can also vary. There will be differences between the two models in terms of price, although not so obvious. Bath towel varieties to be preferred as 70 * 140 cm in size. Likewise, models produced from 16/1 Ring Yarn can be 400 grams, while models produced from 20/2 ring Yarn can be 450 grams.

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