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Information about Bamboo Towel

by Kurucu Üyelik
Bambu Havlu Hakkında Bilgiler

The production of bamboo towel fiber is similar to viscose fiber. Viscose has similar properties but different with silk and cashmere key. Products made of 100% Bambudan do not require mercerizing. Summer does not sweat and smell.

Bamboo is a green plant that grows in the Far East and resembles only wheat, which is unique to this region, and is seen as a plant society in general. Nowadays, usage area from food sector to construction material sector, musical instruments to fabric construction is much widened. It is also used as a raw material for many other people. That is why it is highly possible for us to use a bamboo product immediately in every area of ​​our daily life. Bamboo towel is one of them. Because the antibacterial structures, especially among the bambun, are compatible with the texture of the towels, which are part of our daily life and hygienic.

The towels brought to the bambudan are designed to be suitable for today's fashion and are produced in good quality and healthy condition in accordance with daily use. Bamboo towel models are also available in different designs and colors to suit the fashion. For example, the embroidered ones can be used as gifts or dowry, or those with less design, but elegant and modest, can be held for your noble guests in the most elegant corner of the canyon.
Our towels are 100% cotton and domestic production.

Bamboo towels are not a kind of towel we keep in our stocks. However, wholesale towel purchases can be produced in the direction of menstruation.


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