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We have home textile products in every corner of our house. Do we know how they are actually used, their intended use, how they are manufactured? Here we will describe the definitions of popular home textile products and how they should be used.

Fabrics Used in Home Textile and Properties

Yarn: Fabrics are woven from yarns. Cotton, Polyester, Bamboo yarns such as fabrics come together in different shapes. Natural products such as cotton and bamboo are a better choice because they absorb sweat quickly and allow the body to breathe. Cotton is a raw material used extensively in the home textile sector.

Yarn Count: Yarn count is the most important factor determining the quality of the fabric. Briefly, it can be expressed as the sum of weft and warp yarn counts per cm2. As the number of threads per cm2 increases, the quality of the fabric increases and becomes softer and more durable.

Satin Fabric: 100% Cotton combed yarns made of cotton fibers with a high frequency of four-to-one satin weave weaving. In this way, it gains brightness, touch and drapery.
82 wires / cm2

Percale (POPLIN) FABRIC: Produced from 100% cotton with fine combed fibers. The interconnection of the yarns is identical. The regular structure of the surface of the fabric is frequent and covering.
70 wires / cm2

Ranforce (MAXIFORCE / COTONFORCE) Fabric: It is made of 100% cotton and has high air permeability with the texture formed by the yarns on the fabric surface. Fabric made of special cotton yarn which does not discolor and draw
57 wires / cm2

Kreton Fabric: It is made of 100% Cotton and has high air permeability with the texture formed by the yarns on the fabric surface.
44 wires / cm2

Bamboo Fabric: The special fiber used in the weaving of these fabrics is a natural fiber obtained from bamboo tree. Due to the chemical structure of bamboo fiber, it is resistant to rapid growth of bacteria on it. Bamboo products create a soft touch feeling.

This feeling makes it a competitor to cotton products as a symbol of the naturalness of bamboo fibers.
Bamboo yarn, a natural fiber from bamboo plant, gives the skin a cool feeling. Antibacterial and ultraviolet light protection properties, as well as softness and moisture absorption feature is a very prominent fiber.

Modal Fabric: Produced from beech wood, Modal is a completely natural fiber with high wet and dry strength. It is highly resistant to wear. Moisture transfer property is very good. Fabrics knitted or woven with modal yarn have a soft touch.

Polyester Fabric: 100% polyester fiber, produced by special production techniques, silky touch and eye-catching glossy fabric. It has a highly aesthetic appearance with its slippery and soft structure. Easy to dry and iron. It maintains the brightness of the first day even when washed repeatedly.

Flannel Fabric: Flannel is a common type of weaving produced from cotton raw material. The surface of the flange fabric is roughened on one or both sides. In this way, the flannel fabric becomes slightly thicker, has a slightly softer surface than the plain fabric and thus has a warmer feeling on the skin.

In fact, different types of flannel fabrics are also used as winter linen fabrics and as warm underwear fabrics.

Organic Products: Cotton used in these products; It is produced by organic methods from the production stage in the field. No synthetic fertilizers, synthetic insects or agricultural vehicles are used during the production phase. Only the processes and chemicals specified in the "International Organic Textile Standards" (GOTS) are applied in all stages until the cotton collected from the field reaches the consumer.

In addition to the fabrics produced from organic raw materials, the accessories used in the products also pass through the appropriate stages of GOTS.

What is Jacquard ? It is a type of weaving in which the pattern is obtained by combining various yarns in different ways. It is also called self-patterning.

What is Emprime ? It is the process of printing patterns and ground on the fabric by using different colors of paint.

What is Quilting? It is the work of stitching and joining in multi-needle quilting machines in various designs by placing filling material such as fiber, felt and sponge between two fabrics. Quilting machines do this work continuously and smoothly without stretching the fabric onto the fixed pulley; the new fabric is sewn rapidly step by step as it passes through the machine in series.

New model machines can process materials such as thick rope cord, sequins on one layer of fabric. The quilting process can also be carried out using fibers of different weight. The product obtained by combining and patterning the fabric with fiber is called quilted fabric.

What is the Duvet Cover Set?
It is the most preferred bedroom product. Includes pillowcases, sheets and bed linen. Use, the pillowcase is covered with pillow. bed sheets are laid and finally the quilt is covered with duvet cover, so the quilt is put in the duvet.

Duvet Cover Sets can be many kinds, many quality. The most important determinants of quality are product construction (percentage of raw material produced), product weaving frequency (how many wires are woven per square centimeter) and paint quality.

What is Creton Duvet Cover?

Weaving is a product range from 42 to 47 wires per square centimeter. This product group is the most economical group.

What is Ranforce Duvet Cover Sets?
Weaving frequency is between 52 and 62 wires per square centimeter. This product group is the most popular bed linen group in the market which we call standard bed linen.

What is Percale Duvet Cover Sets?
Percale literally means "frequently woven". Weaving is a product range from 70 to 80 wires per square centimeter.

So it is a medium quality between Ranforce products and Satin products. This middle quality does not produce many brands. Because brands cannot market this product very well. The product is of high quality, but because the production cost is high, the sales prices are not low.

What are Satin Duvet Cover Sets?
SSatin comes from the French word "Satin". It means bright, frequently woven fabric. Weaving is a product group with a frequency of more than 80 tele per square centimeter. There are two kinds of satin fabric. Polyester Satin and Cotton Satin.

Satin, polyester satin which is shiny and slippery. Sweating in polyester satins is directly proportional to the quality of the polyester used in the product. There should be no perception that "every polyester satin quilt cover makes you sweat". But of course it may not be very comfortable, especially in summer.

If we are talking about comfort and healthy sleep in the bed, cotton satin bed linen should be preferred. The touch, ie the touch feeling, softness is high. Certainly does not sweat, and because it is a frequent wig, the patterns in its print show itself and remain alive.

What is Pike Team?

It is the most preferred bedroom product in summer. Includes pillowcases, sheets and a peak. Use, the pillowcase is covered with pillow. Bed sheets are laid on the bed and finally the pique is covered on the person lying, the quilt, blanket or such products will not fill the quilt, Pike is used as a cover. Peaks are mostly produced from ranforce fabric.

What is the Four Seasons Set, how to use it?
As the name suggests, it is a functional product that can be preferred in all seasons. It can be sold with many names in the sector, such as Four Seasons Set, Every Season Set, Quilted Duvet Cover Set, Complete Set. Includes pillowcases, sheets and quilted sheets. What does quilting mean? For quilting, fluffy and thick cotton, wool, fiber and so on. soft filling material placed on the two fabrics by hand or machine sewing in various forms by combining the fabric is sewn.

Use, the pillowcase is covered with pillow. Bed sheets are laid on the bed and finally quilted duvet cover in cold weather, quilted duvet cover can be used in hot weather, such as pique. Many users even use this product as a "Bedspread". Four Seasons Sets are mostly produced from ranforce fabric.
Uyku Seti Nedir, nasıl kullanılır?

Kış aylarında tercih edilen yatak odası ürünüdür. Yastık kılıfı, çarşaf ve desenli yorgan ve Nevresimden oluşur. Bir çok markada da baza fırfırı setin içine dahil edilir. Kullanımı, yastık kılıfı ile yastık kaplanır. yatağa çarşaf serilir ve yorgan nevresim ile kaplanır, istenirse yorgan sesenli oluğundan yorgan koruyucu olarak kullanılan nevresim, kullanılmayabilir. Uyku Setleri hem ranforce kumaştan hem de pamuk saten kumaştan üretilir.

What is Alez, what does it do?
Mattresses can be called bed protector. She is laid on the bed without a sheet and then bed sheets are laid. prevents bed contamination over time. It is basically divided into quilted and liquid proof. Quilted mattresses are for standard use and have a cotton structure. Liquid impervious mattresses, as the name implies, do not impose the liquid into the bed.

Liquid-proof mattress protectors (mattresses) consist of 2 layers. The top layer is made of cotton (towel) and prevents sleep, sweating and sound. The lower layer is made of liquid-proof polyester. It traps the liquid in the upper layer. Liquid-proof mattresses can be used in single and double beds as well as baby beds.


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