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What is Duvet Cover Set, How to use?

It is the most preferred bedroom product. Includes pillowcases, sheets and bed linen. Use, the pillowcase is covered with pillow. bed sheets are laid and finally the quilt is covered with duvet cover, so the quilt is put in the duvet.

Duvet Cover Sets can be many kinds, many quality. The most important determinants of quality are product construction (percentage of raw material produced), product weaving frequency (how many wires are woven per square centimeter) and paint quality.

What is Satin Duvet Cover Sets?
Satin comes from the French word "Satin". It means bright, frequently woven fabric. Weaving is a product group with a frequency of more than 80 tele per square centimeter. There are two kinds of satin fabric. Polyester Satin and Cotton Satin.

Satin, polyester satin which is shiny and slippery. Sweating in polyester satins is directly proportional to the quality of the polyester used in the product. There should be no perception that "every polyester satin quilt cover makes you sweat". But of course it may not be very comfortable, especially in summer.

If we are talking about comfort and healthy sleep in the bed, cotton satin bed linen should be preferred. The touch, ie the touch feeling, softness is high. Certainly does not sweat, and because it is a frequent wig, the patterns in its print show itself and remain alive.


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