Bed Linen Sets for Hotels

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Hotel bedding sets used in hotels are very important in terms of revealing the customer quality of a hotel. In hotel bedding sets, we recommend bedding sets according to the number of stars and customer portfolio of the hotel.
Our bedding sets, which are made of 100% cotton, are able to produce with logo in wholesale bedding set purchases. In addition to our numerous references, our company's products, which are included in the tenders, have passed many quality tests and received conformity approval.

Domestic Made Duvet Cover Sets

The duvet cover sets we produce have a domestic product certificate. We are doing the fabric and sewing works of our products in Turkey in order to eliminate our dependence on foreign countries and to provide employment to the people of our country. And in this way, we deliver with the least loss of time during the production and shipment stages.

Do You Export Your Duvet Cover Sets?

We are able to export our bedding sets, which are included in our hotel textile products, to many countries in line with the pieces. In addition to our existing products, we can produce in special sizes or special fabric types from our customers.


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