What Does It Mean Peshtemal?

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The Most Fashionable Peshtemal

The Peshtemal is back in fashion.


Our company "Polat Medical Textile", which produces hotel textiles, bathrobes, towels, hospital textiles, dormitory and home textiles, has also started to produce Peshtemal upon demand from the market in recent years.


The use of loincloths has become widespread especially with the increase in the number of spa centres, and spas are the most important parts of almost all hotels opened in Istanbul recently. Peshtemals are undoubtedly one of the main products of spas.


There are many features that make Peshtemal superior to towel.

The most important of these is its lightness. Peshtemals weighing between 200 and 300 grams dry in five to ten minutes. It does not take up a lot of space in a bag or suitcase like a towel.


Where is Peshtemal Used?

When the loincloth is mentioned, the Turkish bath comes to mind and it is thought to be used in the bath, however, its usage areas are very common.

Namely; It is used instead of a bath towel in the bathroom, instead of a towel in order to not take up space during travels, while doing sports, in spa and massage salons, on garden furniture and even as a table and sofa cover.

Since it is produced from natural yarn, it is ideal and healthy for children and babies.

In some regions, it is said “paştamal, paştemal, peştamal, paştamel”


Where Does the Name Peshtemal Come From?

The word peshtemal, which comes from the root of the combination of the words "Püşt-Mal", means back wiper. It is written as peshtemal in English, Germany and French and it is pronounced as in ours.


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