What is Pigment Printing?

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Pigment printing is generally referred to as the printing option applied on polyester fabrics. The printing process with dyestuffs is done in one step by direct printing method and etching method.

Pigment dyestuffs are a very important class of dyestuffs in cotton printing and are generally insoluble in water and organic solvents, and have no affinity for textile fibers. For this reason, they are attached to the fiber with resin-based adhesives called binders. They are then subjected to a high temperature condensation process. The fastness properties of pigment dyestuffs are largely dependent on that of the binder. The quality and correct use of the binder directly affect the fastness properties.

Advantages of Pigment Printing ?

  • The fact that there is no need for washing after printing allows printing with minimum cost and machine park.
  • The absence of color change before and after printing makes it possible to see the final colors at the time of printing. This is very important for detecting errors.
  • In printing with pigments, the risk of color difference is very low with factors such as printing speed and doctor pressure in the same variation.
  • The process is essentially simple and safe.
  • Pigments cover the absorption irregularities on the fabric and can be used in fabrics with different fiber ratios since both fibers are covered equally by the pigment.
  • prints show sharp contours and the color possibilities are endless.
  • It is possible to print very sensitive materials since they do not require any washing.
  • Printing costs are low.

Where is Pigment Colorant Used?

They are dyestuffs that can be used for almost all fiber types and mixtures. The difficulties encountered in printing with other dyestuffs do not exist in these dyestuffs. It is preferred because of the low cost of fixation and post-processing. However, the negative effect of binders on sensitive materials can be considered as one of its disadvantages.


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