What is Terrycotton Fabric?

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As Terrycotton, the fabric, originally spelled Terry Cotton, is a type of fabric used especially in medical hospital clothes. Some bedding sets, which are sold cheaply, are also produced with tericotone fabrics. It is a cotton, polyester blend fabric.

Terry Cotton Fabric: There are two types to be produced in 63% Cotton, 37% Polyester and 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester yarn.In home textiles, 50% cotton and 50% polyester varieties of tericotone fabrics are used in bedding sets. It is not a bad fabric, it is not as high quality as 100% cotton fabrics and is sold a little cheaper. It provides a higher quality use than fabrics that are completely polyester.

As we sell the tericoton fabric as raw, we also use it in hospital textile section, boxing aprons and operating room top and bottom sets. The properties of the terikoton fabric we use are 65% polyester 35% cotton. Terry Cotton, All of our other terikoton boxing aprons and operating room top and bottom suits are suitable for wholesale purchase. Our fabrics and products are products that can fulfill the conditions in the tenders.


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