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Textile and Furnishings - Hotel Furnishings; It is a platform that produces all your hotel's textile needs from a single source at a wholesale price and for you.


Design According to Need

The understanding of 'Style', which came into our lives with modernization and which we attach great importance to in every subject, shows itself in project works as well as in home textiles, and project-specific designs have become a necessity in order to respond to customer needs.

For special project works such as hotel, restaurant, hospital, student dormitory; Apart from regulated product groups, we support our dealers in special production requests that can meet project-specific needs.


Drygoods Textile

  • Viscose, Cashmere, Ankor fabric
  • Satin, Cotton Satin, Polyester Satin
  • Linen Products: Akfil, Hasse, Ranforce, Cotton Satin
  • Alpaca, Linen, Gabardine, Broadcloth
  • Glittery fabric lame/dore, Sandy-lined fabric lame/gold
  • Coverlet types: colored plain, patterned, embroidered, silvery, sequined, polyester and cotton products
  • Quilting types: stitched/seamless(printed)
  • Tablecloth types: Plain, glittery jacquard, printed, non-flammable, stain-proof, glittery jacquard in Polyester/Cotton/Viscose compositions
  • Panamanian duck varieties: plain and patterned Fleece


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